A HRAC Elmer Time Presentation – Most Recently Presented at November 2021 Club Meeting


A presentation on “Windows 11 – The Impact on Amateur Radio Operations” by Michael, KD3MAD. This presentation was offered up to raise awareness about the pending changes to the Windows operating system, how and when end users might start to see that change and the impact Windows 11 might have on the various applications and tools used as part of amateur radio operations.

The good news is that it should have very little impact to ham radio software application. All tested to date run fine if you have the correct driver for your radio/device. Several of the drivers required can be found below, along with the actual slide deck in PDF format.


Slide Deck (PDF Format)

UV-5R Driver – USB to Serial Cable – Used to clone/program UV-5R radio with CHIRP and standard programming cable

PL2303 Prolific Driver – USB to Serial Cable – Used to clone/program Yaesu FT-50R radio with CHIRP and appropriate programming cable

Yaesu USA Website – Other specific drivers for other tested new model Yaesu radios including FT-2DR, FT-817ND, FT-991A and FTM-300, as well as WiRES-X


CHIRP – Open source radio programming and settings management application

RT Systems, Inc. – Commercial developer of easy to use radio programmers and cable producer specific to each major make and model radio available on the market today

Winlink – Email like messaging system used to provide structured and easy transmissions over RF for emergency and other critical communication situations

EchoLink – Amateur radio related VoIP system used to connect long distance nodes via Internet vs. RF

WiRES-X – Yaesu proprietary VoIP system used to connect long distance nodes via Internet vs. RF

FLDIGI – Extremely popular open source application from sending and receiving digital “tones” for communications between  computers and connected RF devices

WSJT-X – Modern weak signal digital communications and integrated logging application most commonly used for FT8.


NOTE: Because Yaesu radios is what we had on hand, we do not have much more information on other makers at this time. However, if you check their support websites and/or websites for the specific chipset being used, you’ll be able to find appropriate drivers. Mention of specific vendors is done for information purposes only. HRAC is not making any special endorsements, nor receives any fees for promotion. Furthermore, use of any technology related information and/or materials such as drivers is being offered as a courtesy only by HRAC. Any download and use is strictly at the end users risk. HRAC bears no responsibility or liability for any potential issues raised through same information and/or materials. Use of this information, related materials or any other content is at the sole risk of the consumer/end user.