Since December 2021, it has been my (“KD3MAD”) pleasure to serve as the HRAC Webmaster, as well as other duties. Unfortunately, my time has come to an end and HRAC is actively looking for someone to take over the role of HRAC Webmaster, as well as fill other volunteer seats available on the Website “Committee”.

Duties to be performed would be the ongoing oversight, growth, and management of the HRAC website. This would primarily be someone with good content experience in terms of writing effective and quality copy and text for the website. Other skills, including management of a WordPress content management system, can be easily trained and/or learned for the sake of this position.

There are other more technical aspects to this role, including the management of the newly issued email addresses and mailboxes. But again, any solid technical person could manage these specific services. Most everything involved is driven through Control Panels vs. down and dirty commands and programming. You do NOT need to be an actual IT professional.

If you are interested, please contact Club President Bob (K3RTS) immediately using or leave a message with with any additional questions, comments or concerns.

Thank you for your time and consideration and service to HRAC!