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To all new ham radio operators:

I have some things for you,  one per operator only.

You must be licensed in the past 365 days.

Name brand portables 2 meters with batteries, chargers, mobile mag mount antennas, carrying case and DTMF pads.   With manuals and boxes $10.00 Each.

Mobile brand name, 2 meter with mic and power cords.  $ 20.00

One Icom 10 watt desk set 2 meter only 120V AC,  uses an indoor rod antenna or external port. $ 20.00

Will assist in setup.


Richard Lenker

Always looking for vintage tube-era radio items for my collection. The following are items I purchase: Vacuum tubes, telegraph keys/bugs, early microphones, broadcast equipment, theater sound equipment, loudspeakers, military radio, HiFi stereo equipment, etc.

Feel free to send me an email if you have one item, or an entire collection for sale.

I am local in the York, PA area


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Looking for a SignaLink or similar USB sound card interface for digital operations at the county RACES room.

Please contact Rich, KB3YRC.

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