Calling all radio amateurs, calling all radio amateurs. How would you like to have an opportunity to run the HRAC Weekly Net on the W3UU repeater?

The HRAC Weekly Net, which used to be held every Wednesday evening except the 2nd Wednesday of the month which is club meeting night, is now being held during its new time of Tuesday evening at 2000 hours local time (8:00 PM). This new covers all topics ranging from club business and events, Swap and Shop and general information regarding amateur radio at large.

To provide more operators with the experience, HRAC is opening up the duties to all comers. By serving as Net Control, you will gain valuable experience with this type of radio operation, as well as offering assistance to the club and its membership. Elmer Time and scripts will be supplied to those taking control.

If you are interested in serving as Net Control, please feel free to contact HRAC Webmaster. The Webmaster will work in conjunction with Dave KC3MG, Senior Net Control, who is the governing club officer overseeing the Net Control position. Net Control will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis and each week will have a Primary Net Control and a Secondary Net Control (to serve as Net Control in the event the primary is unable to fulfil the duties).

Please note, this Net and all club meetings are open to the public. However, Net Control will be restricted to club members only. It is highly recommended that if you are interested in serving as Net Control that you check-in and attend at least four (4) nets prior volunteering. Furthermore, based upon character and conduct, Senior Net Control reserves the right to restrict any club member from serving as Net Control at their direction.

To review the current schedule, please visit the Weekly Net Control Schedule page.