Welcome to the world of HRAC Hamfests
Welcome to the Harrisburg Radio Amateurs’ Club (“HRAC”) Hamfests section of the HRAC website. Annually, HRAC will typically offer a series of three (3) hamfests. Our next scheduled Hamfest is Oktoberfest currently scheduled for Saturday, October 22, 2022.

To learn more about our other hamfests, please continue reading the list below:

The next Oktoberfest is scheduled for October 28, 2023.

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What’s better then Christmas?! How about a Hamfest shortly after then end of the new year!!!! Start your new year off right by visiting the HRAC Winterfest is typically held on the second Saturday of January. The next Winterfest is scheduled for January 13, 2024.

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Firecracker Hamfest, as its name might suggest, is typically held around the July 4th holiday. The next Firecracker Hamfest is scheduled for July 1, 2023, and we are pleased to announce that it will once again carry the ARRL State Convention status.

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If you are interested in traveling within a radius of 100 miles of HRAC base out of Harrisburg, PA, you’ll find these other fascinating opportunities to Swap and Shop!

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