HRAC Members (and all local operators alike),

The Firecracker Hamfest is on Saturday, July 2nd. We are the ARRL PA State Convention again this year!  This was partially based on how well it went last year. We strive to make this a well run event and we need your help to do it again this year.  There are lots of things that need to be done on both Friday, July 1st and Saturday, July 2nd.

Some of the vendors arrive Friday afternoon/evening and many of the tailgaters arrive very early on Saturday morning so everything needs to be setup on Friday.  Here is a schedule and list of tasks that need to be done on both days.

Friday July 1st – 9 am until we are done (we also need a couple people to stay overnight)


  • pickup rental chairs and take to site and setup
  • setup canopies
  • setup generators and entrance area
  • layout and line the parking and tailgating areas
  • put out signs along routes to location (reminder – Harrisburg Postal Employees Picnic Grounds @1500 Roberts Valley Road
  • cleanup the area
  • setup sound system

Saturday July 2nd – 4 am until done (yes, 4 am since some people typically arrive before 5 am)


  • direct traffic
  • collect admission
  • park tailgaters
  • park attendees
  • talk-in
  • take down chairs and return
  • take down canopies
  • cleanup the site and collect garbage
  • take down sound system

You can see that there is much to be done and we need your help.  Send me an email at letting me know or confirming that you will helping and which days you can help.

Thanks in advance and hope to see you all at the Hamfest.


Bob, K3RTS – President
Harrisburg Radio Amateurs Club