Cram and Exam – Excellent Learning Sessions Offered Locally

If you are currently considering either becoming a licensed radio operator, or upgrading your Technician class to General, here are a few fantastic opportunities! The following license preparation classes are being offered by Ralph Brandt (K3HQI). Ralph more than possesses the knowledge and experience to be hosting such events, as well as desire to help and see other succeed.  Ralph is an ARRL EPA Affiliated Club Coordinator, ARRL Official Emergency Station, ARRL Instructor.

Current Sessions

The Technician License Preparation Classes are being held:

Date(s): October 30 and October 31, 2021
Location: Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center

Date(s): November 6 and November 7, 2021
Location: Dallastown, PA

The General License Preparation Classes are being held:

Date(s): December 4 and December 5, 2021
Location: Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center

Contact Information

To learn more about these and other opportunities, as well as registration details, please contact Ralph Brandt (K3HQI) at

Additional Information

The sessions listed above are now firm.  We are looking at a possible tech class in East Perry or North West Dauphin county.  If you have people with interest, contact me. Although I have limited weekends I can add classes in 2021, I would like to start looking at 2022.  I am looking for someone who will want to start holding classes – do not care if it is the boot camps or the regular venues.  It is VERY SIMPLE.  You need, someone to teach, students, a location and a test team.  I will help you get started if you want to do it.

For more information on these classes, contact me.  Best information at this time is that the $35 FCC fee will not apply till after 1/1/2022.  These will cancel if not enough registration by the Monday before the class.  I usually will cancel if less than 5.  The last several classes have been about 15.

We abide by the COVID rules of the venue.  I personally will try to see that we have a safe environment.  These all are 8-4 Saturday, 8-12 Sunday and testing just after noon.  All but Lebanon will be Laurel VE Team, that will be w5YI.  Note that there is no charge for the class and no material to purchase.  There will be a testing fee at the Lebanon site.


Please note, this event is not sponsored or affiliated with HRAC in any way. Participation in this event is purely at will and any and all information is being provided for benefit of the general public and it not know to be 100% true and accurate.