Eastern Pennsylvania (EPA) Simulated Emergency Test (SET) will be on Friday, May 20th and Saturday, May 21st.  Attached (see link below) is a description of Dauphin County ARES planned participation in the SET.  We can discuss this during the ARES Net on May 2nd at 1900L on the 145.11 repeater.  We can also have practice sessions at the end of the ARES Nets on May 9th and May16th to prepare.  Each operator is asked to send a voice and/or digital message on VHF from a simulated shelter.  It is preferred that you are on emergency power. More information is in the attached document.

Additional information regarding this operation can be found here.

All voice transmissions are welcome, but we will be primarily practicing fldigi/flmsg. We will use Thor 22 as the mode, centered at 1500.  You can either send the required information as simple text in a transmission or incorporate it into an ICS 213 form to send with flmsg.

You can also send the information in a Winlink message to K3RTS prior to the Net.  You can send it in an ICS 213 form or in the body of an email.  The Winlink message should be sent to a gateway via radio and not sent using Telnet.

The required information to be transmitted is:

  1. This is a drill!
  2. County
  3. Operating location – Home or Shelter/firehouse name
  4. Operating on emergency power – y/n
  5. Number of shelter residents – simulated data
  6. Number of meals for 48 hours
  7. Shelter manager or radio operator name/call sign
  8. This is a drill!

Let me know if you have any questions.