The following is a listing of known EMCOMM related nets:

Pennsylvania Traffic Net (PTN) (CW)
3585 kHz (CW)
7:00 PM and 10:00 PM Daily 

Eastern Pennsylvania Emergency Phone and Traffic Net (EPAEPTN)
3917 KHz (LSB)
6:00 PM Local Time Daily – Currently (Time is 2200 Zulu so changes with local time changes) 

Pennsylvania Fone Net
3910 KHz (LSB) until 11/11/19, then moves to 3907 KHz
8:00 PM Monday, Wednesday and Friday 

PaNBEMS (digital)
3583 KHz (USB)
7:30 AM Sunday 

PA Auxiliary Communication Service (ACS) Statewide Net
3993.5 KHz (LSB)
8:00 AM 1st Sunday each month 

PA ACS Central Area Net
3993.5 KHz (LSB)
8:30 AM Sunday