Elmer Time ImageWelcome to the HRAC Elmer Time section of the website. Here you will find information and resources presented at recent HRAC club meetings, as well as a few resources from times past. But for starters…what is Elmer Time?

A ham radio mentor is often referred to as an “Elmer” named after a real person by the name of Elmer P. “Bud” Frohardt Jr, W9DY (ex-W9GFF), of Madison, Wisconsin. Elmer came to fame in a March, 1971 article in QST magazine. Since that time, those who become mentors to aspiring amateur radio operators, and hams, in general, have become known affectionately as an Elmer.

HRAC offers Elmer Time before each of our monthly club meetings starting at 1830 hours local. It is our hope that these materials will be a help and inspiration to others.

Joe (W3JPH)
Elmer Time Chair


Introduction to Winlink – July 2021

Simple Antennas That Have Worked Really Well For 100 Years – August 2021

Operating the PA QSO Party – September 2021

Putting the ‘V’ back into VSWR – October 2021

Windows 11 – The Impact on Amateur Radio Operations – November 2021

COMING SOON! My 160M Loop Antenna Build – December 2021

NOTE: This section is being revised on the fly, so not all materials have been posted and can be presented at this time. Please check back frequently as updates are being made weekly.


Random Wire Antennas
Amateur Radio Random wire presentation By Terry Snyder WB3BKN at the Harrisburg Radio Amateurs Club “Elmer” (Mentor) presentation November 2018
Presented By: Terry WB3BKN

Antenna Tuners
A ham radio “Elmer” presentation on antenna tuners at the Harrisburg Radio Amateurs Club meeting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania by Terry Snyder WB3BKN
Presented By: Terry WB3BKN
Commentary By: Tim WB3EYB (SK)

Band Edge and Bandwidth
Presentation on how to avoid transmitting out of your assigned band on amateur radio HF frequencies. Topics also covered include why one should never attempt to transmit HIFI audio oh amateur radio HF bands, and a few other things
Presented By: Terry WB3BKN