2016 Winterfeast

Each February the club holds a “Hamfeast” in lieu of the regularly scheduled business meeting. We had a great turn out again this year and filled the room! Thanks to all who attended!

Each year, in conjunction with the Hamfeast, the Ham of the Year Award Selection Committee (comprised of the three most recent award recipients) selects a member who exemplifies loyalty, faithful attendance, dedicated service and contributes to the success of the club.

This year the award went to Nick (AA3T). Congratulations Nick, well deserved!


Photo: Tim (KB3OZA), Pete (KB3WIH) and Gary (KV3Q) present the 2016 Ham of the Year Award to Nick (AA3T)

There were enough door prizes to go around! The grand prize, a new Tytera DM-380 Digital/Analog DMR HT, went to a randomly selected recipient. Pete (KB3WIH) was selected as the grand prize winner for the second year in a row. Word on the street is that members are considering the possibility of secretly changing the date and conspiring to hold the 2017 Hamfeast a week early, hopeful that “Lucky Pete” doesn’t show up and win the rig again next year!  All joking aside, our congratulations go to Pete!


Photo: Tim (KB3OZA) presents to Pete (KB3WIH) the grand door prize, a Tytera DM-380 Digital/Analog DMR HT